Cesspool Service & Septic Systems

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CityWide offers complete cesspool service and septic services including repair, installation, pumping, cleaning, aeration and chemical treatment. Our fleet contains cesspool pumping trucks and large earth moving equipment to get your job done quick and efficiently. We also offer electronic cesspool and pipe location.

What is a Cesspool?

Cesspool System and Septic Systems Diagram

A cesspool is an underground drainage area that is designed to leach waste water into the ground. Excessive solid or sludge build up will clog the sand bottoms and cause a cesspool system to fail as shown in picture below left.

Why Does a Cesspool/Septic System Fail?

When a septic tank/main cesspool is not properly maintained, solids will build up within the septic tank/main cesspool and eventually push through and into the leaching cesspool/s. This clogs the sand bottoms and can permanently destroy the drainage. Detergents, toilet cleaners, bleach, anti-bacterial soaps and disinfectants can kill the natural bacteria in the septic system. I It is essential to keep the bacteria levels in your system well balanced for optimum performance.

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