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Is your drain sluggish or backed up? It's a good idea to clean your drainage pipes to keep them free of odors and clogs.

CityWide provides top quality drain cleaning and rooter services that breakthrough any blockage. We offer you experienced professional technicians that can fix all types of commercial and residential drain challenges.

Helpful Tips To Keeping Your Drains Clear

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Help keep tree roots from growing into house drains and sewer lines by flushing either 2 cups rock salt or 2 cups of copper sulfate down the toilet during the last flush of the night. (You may have to flush a few times to get the material down). Don't use both products at the same time. Repeat the process two weeks later, then wait at least six months before doing it again.

Use drain insert strainers to help prevent any vegetable matter going down a kitchen drain. If you have to put some grease down a drain follow it with a lot of hot water to clear the drain pipes.

Clean hair out of bathroom or shower before they can go down the drain and possibly cause a blockage.

If you decide to use a chemical drain cleaner, be very careful and only use a "non-toxic drain cleaner". Be sure to read the label regarding the product suitability safety for your drain pipes.(Some chemical drain cleaners will harm plastic drain pipes). Make sure the solution is safe for plastic pipes or a garbage disposal. Be sure to follow the drain cleaner instructions.

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