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Even the most dedicated do-it-yourselfer is better off leaving plumbing problems to the professionals. What you don't know can hurt you when it comes to plumbing installation and repairs.

Preventative Maintenance

Know what your drain pipes look like from the inside. CityWide can put a video camera down the pipes to see the condition and if there are any potential problems to take care of before it becomes serious. Homeowners should have this done on a yearly basis.

CityWide also advocates the use of ProClean® Drain Care Products that utilize multiple strains of bacteria as their primary active ingredients. ProClean contains natural, nontoxic, harmless bacteria that actually absorb the grease and organic buildup that forms in pipes over time and converts them into carbon dioxide and water. The biofilm that coats the inside of the pipes continues to absorb buildup. ProClean contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for the environment. It also has a refreshing scent that deodorizes as it cleans and removes the waste causing unpleasant odors. ProClean products are typically used following a Hydro Jetting.

Hydro Jetting returns a drainpipe to about 98 percent as clean as it was when it was new. Our machine will apply 3,000 pounds per square inch of pressure to your main sewer line. The hydro jet will flush out dirt, grease, sanitary products, pipe scale and any roots that have invaded the pipe, which is a low-cost alternative if you don't want to pay for a major cleaning.

Before You Buy Any Property, Have CityWide Do A Video Inspection Of The Sewer Line

Many sewer lines in New York are loaded with root intrusion, many older pipes are fractured and cracked, and seismic shifts due to freezing and vibrations can cause mis-alignments, separations, cracks and broken sections.

Video inspection is especially critical advice if you're buying a fixer-upper, which probably has old pipes. Home inspections do not include video waste pipe inspection. Waste line maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner, not the county. Replacement can be costly so know what you're in for before you sign on the dotted line.

You Name It, and CityWide Has Fixed It Or Pulled It Out Of A Drain

Being in the sewer and drain business for 56 years, you can bet no matter your problem, we have seen it before. Jewelry accidentally dropped down the drain, toys flushed down the toilet, septic flooding the neighbor's yard. Not only does CityWide have the experience to solve any plumbing dilemma, we also posses the people, (employing over 100 plumbing professionals) and the equipment (50 fully stocked service vehicles) to get the job done fast.

Don't Do It Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is going to a home center and renting your own drain-cleaning machine. It will not be long enough or powerful enough and you can cause more damage.

Commercial drain cleaner is another big no-no. It has harsh chemicals and can be very toxic as well as bad for your health and will eventually damage your pipes.

Do not try to install your own garbage disposal. It's hard for a non-expert to align the pipes correctly, and if the drainage plug isn't set right, garbage can back up into your dishwasher.

Know Your Responsibilities

As a property owner you are responsible for keeping your sanitary sewer line clear of blockages and debris and repairing any broken or collapsed portions of the line located on your property.

By not properly maintaining your sanitary sewer line, you may be financially responsible for any damage to yours or your neighbor's property caused by your sanitary sewer line.

Know How to Shut the Water Off

Shutting your water off is something most people don't think about but everyone should know how to do it. You need a water key, which is like a T-wrench. On older homes, you'll usually find one shut-off valve below the spigot or near your water meter. When a back up occurs in your residence best advice is to refrain from using any fixtures to avoid flooding and call us immediately.

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